Our Mission

The Olive Press highlights the voices of innovative writers as they capture the world’s varying attributes, exemplify diversity, and embrace unity. Our writing promotes the founding institution’s liberal arts tradition and core values.

About Us
Supported by the University of Mount Olive, The Olive Press releases digital issues every February and September. Founded in 2015 by a group of undergraduate students who desired to embrace the diversity of people and cultures, the journal seeks to join their small eastern North Carolina town to the larger world. The founding editors–Caley Breese, Sara Horton, Ashley Jarman, Emily Shaw, Olivia Springer, Cameron Sutton, and Elvis Williams, Jr.–established the goal for the magazine: to promote refreshing and diverse selections of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art.

The founding institution is sponsored by the Free Will Baptist convention and upholds many faith-based values. Of these, The Olive Press aims to preserve honesty, courage, and respect.

To write honestly means to tell the truth and employ fact; the fiction writer creates believable worlds, the nonfiction writer captures truthful stories, and the poet works to depict discrete detail.

To write with courage means confronting topics head-on and embracing the creative process.

To write with respect means valuing and acknowledging the diversity of works and writers in our world.

By embracing these three values, The Olive Press compiles a selection of literary work that fosters a supportive community of talented writers, poets, and readers.

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